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FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


I can create multiple Negoblogs with a single e-mail account?

No way, a Negoblog is only be associated with an email account, is for security

In which countries Negoblog work?

At the moment it is only oriented to the United States, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, as we move forward we will be adding more countries and other languages

Negoblog always be free?

Yes, it will always be free

I can suggest my observations?

Of course, when you create an account, within the Npanel (Content Manager) you will have the "Feedback" option, it collects all the recommendations of our users

It is easy to operate Negoblog?

Sure, the intuitive and minimalist design will help you operate easily and without complications

If I create an account in Negoblog, this will send me other advertising Negoblogs to my mail?

No, you only receive emails from clients who contact you, we do not apply that policy invasive

How I can contact you?

At the bottom right of the homepage is a link that says "Contact Us" through this form you can contact us

In which country is the headquarters of Negoblog?

Negoblog is a product of the Skalinet company, and this is located in Peru, therefore it is a product that is governed under Peruvian law

I can customize my Negoblog with various designs or colors?

Negoblog has a single design for all users, and this is modern, elegant and pragmatic, this creates uniformity and order, but you can change the photo profile and photo banner to customize your Neogblog respectively.

If I deactivate my account, all my information is deleted without right to recover?

Not completely, your information will remain thirty days, this is for your safety, so you will have the chance to recover everything. After that time your account will be deleted permanently.

I can introduce information in my Negoblog through a smartphone?

Negoblog does not have Responsive design, we're working on it now, but if you can query and display information like any other web page without problems.

I can see Negoblogs from other regions or countries?

Yes, by making an initial search of the main search engine located on top, this will display a result in a new page, and assume instead deploy more search options for countries/regions.

I must be of legal age to create a Negoblog?

Yes, you must be of legal age

I can report a Negoblog?

Sure, in the lower right side, there is an icon that says "Report this page" through this form you can report.

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